GSM In Action

On behalf of clients and the broader produce industry, GSM staff can be found in the field, in the news and at the speaker's podium.

President Don Goodwin leads these efforts and is available for speaking on a range of topics, from maximizing grower returns to leveraging consumer trends.

Leveraging Big Data from Florida to Toronto

Unlike apples or potatoes, sweet corn is an item that could really benefit from a reduction in travel time from field to consumer.  Ongoing research has taught us that improved taste is a key driver in getting consumers to purchase more sweet corn.  Optimal eating quality lasts up to fourteen days from harvest, provided it has been stored correctly. Read More

Winning retail strategies in the new world

The competitive climate has changed dramatically for retailers selling produce in just the last ten years. The most dramatic change has been the rapid proliferation of supercenters like Walmart, Target, and Meijer. This rollout is largely complete as they have saturated most trade areas. Although these stores attract consumers for other reasons, they end up converting a significant number to produce shoppers. Read More

Ideal retailer focuses on consumers, quality

This spring I celebrate 10 years since leaving the retail side of the produce business.  I was happy to leave the grind of retail and embark on a career supporting the rest of the supply chain. While I now work mostly with seed companies and grower-shippers, I still make most decisions based on the knowledge I gained while working at retail. I often contemplate what I would do differently if I went back. Read More

Opinion: A new wave of retail consolidation ahead

With Supervalu's announcement that it seeks "strategic alternatives" and the pressure being felt by Tesco's Fresh & Easy in the West, are we on the verge of a new wave of retail consolidation? Read More

Opinion: Getting it right when changing hands

Many produce companies are family-owned businesses. Their growth has been driven by responding to the market place with little consideration for the eventual sale of the business. Read More

Keynote Addresses

Don's keynote addresses tackle issues affecting the entire produce industry. His experience across the supply chain, combined with real-world examples and a dose of humor, keep audiences engaged. Read More

Opinion: Authenticity is key to winning market share

The locally grown season is upon us. For the consumer, it is a great time for fresh produce. Yet, it may not be so good for the supermarket retailer... Read More

Opinion: Why growers should call the pricing shots

I can only imagine what it is like to work all year to bring a crop to market, ship it by water, and then hand over the process of establishing its value to a remote seller. Read More

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