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BY: Don Goodwin | DATE: July 01, 2012

New Product Launches

This address explains the key drivers of a successful new product introduction - from positioning and merchandising to retailer and consumer engagement. Using real-world case studies, it illustrates the value of key investments, including:

  • In-store tool kit
  • Public relations and social marketing
  • Trade awareness
  • Catalyst events

 What A Buyer REALLY Wants To Hear

Sometimes what a buyer wants to hear and what you want to say are two different things. How do you find the words to capture the buyer's attention and get your message across? This address will help suppliers identify the past, present and future of successful selling. Don Goodwin shares his perspectives on what retailers want to hear-and insights to help you identify new business strategies for establishing "like-minded" relationships with retailers. You'll be challenged to answer questions such as: 

  • Are your products relevant?
  • Does your program build strategic value for retailers?
  • Do you understand the category, the market and the demographics?

Consumer Trends Drivers

Today's demographics are more segmented than ever, with global issues driving consumer interest and personal passions. How do you cut through the clutter to identify today's issues, prioritize, and figure out what issues relevant to your products and marketing strategy? Don will lead you through powerful consumer issues including:

  • Marketing to children
  • Nutritionally relevant messaging - food for health and well-being
  • Social values - locally grown, organic, sustainable
  • Personalization of the food chain - connecting with the consumer

Marketing Fresh Produce to Children

With a worldwide epidemic of obesity, many major food industries are answering the call to create healthier products for kids. But in fresh produce, kids are the largest, most under-served demographic. Kids yield somewhere between $150-650 billion of purchase power-another reason not to overlook this group. Goodwin's expertise in branding and kid marketing will offer strategies on engaging kids with your products and your brand. You can expect to learn:

  • The difference in kid demographics (age is everything)
  • The power of brands and children
  • The role of product engagement in children's preferences for products
  • The importance of kid-based for kid-centered products

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