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Nature’s Greens® and Monique Coleman Star in Satellite Media Tour

BY: Jen Velasquez | DATE: April 01, 2015

WP Rawl, the largest grower, processor and shipper of leafy greens in the U.S., announced today results from its Satellite Media Tour (SMT) last month. The tour featured Nature's Greens® and brand partner and healthy eating advocate, Monique Coleman.

Filmed in Los Angeles, through the power of satellite, Coleman was seen live on many morning shows and news segments throughout the country, all in areas where WP Rawl's Nature's Greens line is available. Market coverage ranged from Washington, DC to Texas, Nebraska, Florida and everything in between. In the end, the brand reached over six million viewers, including syndicated shows such as The Daily Buzz, which airs in 149 markets, with additional viewers through online streaming.

As a leader in the category, WP Rawl is invested in continuing to grow the greens category by promoting ideas for increased usage.

"We're thrilled with the results of the satellite media tour because one of our ongoing goals is to keep teaching consumers what to do with their leafy greens," said Ashley Rawl, vice president of sales, marketing and product development at WP Rawl. "Some people love them, but others are hesitant or even scared of them. We realized a satellite media tour was a great way to reach a broad audience."

Coleman, a brand partner since 2014, educated viewers on how a simple salad could be their diet enemy in a segment called "Is Your Salad a High Calorie Landmine?" She showed them how although they may think they are eating healthy, just adding a few high calorie ingredients could turn a healthy salad into a 1,200 calorie trap. As a contrast, she taught viewers how to build a healthy alternative using her "perfect salad equation."

"Basically, three quarters of your salad is going to include your greens like kale or collards and any other veggies you want to add, like tomatoes, onions and cucumbers," Coleman shared with viewers. "And one quarter of your salad is going to be your lean protein: things like chicken or tofu, if you are a vegetarian. Top that off with a complex carbohydrate and up to two tablespoons of olive oil or dressing and you've got the perfect salad."

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