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Bailey Farms Launch Farm Fresh Hot Sauces

BY: Kaila Severson | DATE: August 13, 2014

OXFORD, N.C. - August 13, 2014 - Bailey Farms Inc. introduce Farm Fresh Hot Sauces offering consumers simply made hot sauce with everyday ingredients. After ramping up production, these farm fresh varieties have hit produce aisles and are ready to order.

The 6-ounce jars hold a fresh blend of Bailey Farms' homegrown peppers and other vegetables. The recipe uses no additives, artificial flavor enhancements, or GMO ingredients. Unlike many popular hot sauces on the market, Bailey Farms first ingredient is peppers and does not use ascorbic acid, xantham gum, sauce, puree, paste or mash. Instead, the Farm Fresh Hot Sauces are simply made to be nature's intended hot sauce.

The line has launched with Jalapeno, Red Habanero, and Chocolate Habanero varieties. Additional hot sauces, pepper jellies and relish will join the line up this fall.

Designed with the consumer in mind, the open mouthed jars are complimented with high impact labels perfect for the produce aisle. Each variety is clearly differentiated by name and color, and includes an easy to comprehend heat index of sweet, medium, hot or hottest.  "Consumers continue to gravitate toward fresh and all natural foods," says Randy Bailey president of Bailey Farms. "Our Farm Fresh Hot Sauces resonate with consumer values and provide a fresh experience."

The idea for the fresh product initially began in efforts to increase sustainability. "We have a passion for peppers, and wanted to reduce waste," says Bailey. "Our Farm Fresh Hot Sauces resourcefully use second grade peppers and offer consumers a fresher alternative to other hot sauces."


About Bailey Farms

Since 1989, Bailey Farms Incorporated has been growing peppers with a passion. Beginning as a father and son duo, Bailey Farms now has family run farms in North Carolina and Florida offering a wide variety of chile, Bellafina and mini-sweet peppers. For more information follow Bailey Farms on Facebook and visit


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