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Start the Arugula Growing Season with High-Performance Varieties from Tozer Seeds America

BY: Paj Ann Herr | DATE: August 03, 2015

Santa Maria, Calif.; August 3, 2015- The upcoming fall season marks the start of another growing cycle for arugula, also known as wild rocket, and Tozer Seeds America (Tozer) offers an attractive selection of arugula with great benefits to both growers and retailers.

Tozer's arugula varieties offer growers a more vigorous, slower bolting plant making them easier to grow.  These varieties also provide retailers with improved flavor and more interesting leaves.  Tozer's arugula breeding program began in the late 1990s and triumphed in 2004 with the introduction of Voyager.  As the world's first named variety of arugula, Voyager combined excellent uniformity, yield and flavor with an upright habit, making it easier to harvest.

"Tozer is at the forefront of developing and breeding new arugula varieties," said Kraig Kuykendall, sales manager of Tozer Seeds America.  "We aim to develop a selection of new varieties with better flavor for retailers as well as an easier plant to grow for the growers."

Since the introduction of Voyager, Tozer has continued to release improved arugula types with improved agronomic, post-harvest and consumer appeal characteristics.  Its latest varieties have improved mildew tolerance, reduced bolting, improved vigor and extended shelf life.  To learn more, visit

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