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Titan Farms Sponsors Women’s Symposium at Southern Exposure

BY: Jen Velasquez | DATE: February 10, 2015

RIDGE SPRING, S.C.- February 10, 2015 -Titan Farms, the premier grower, packer and shipper of peaches and vegetables in the Southeast, will be sponsoring the first ever Southern Roots luncheon at this year's Southeast Produce Council Southern Exposure in Orlando, Fla.

The luncheon will serve as the official launch of Southern Roots, a program designed to make meaningful connections among women working in the produce industry through events, education and mentoring. All women who are attending Southern Exposure are welcome to attend.

The opportunity to sponsor the Southern Roots luncheon was offered to Titan Farms as they were looking to get more involved with Southeast Produce Council and saw the sponsorship as a perfect alignment with their vision for women in the industry.

"As a grower in a male-dominant industry, it is our duty to support women both within our company and the industry," said Chalmers Carr, president of Titan Farms. "It is an honor to sponsor an organization that recognizes women leaders of today and helps shape those of tomorrow."

From its inception, Titan Farms has been committed to supporting women in produce, with several women in leadership positions within the company. The company currently employs more than 90 women in all aspects of its business-from administration to human resources and accounting, to vice president Lori Anne Carr.

"Some of the women we employ at Titan Farms have been with us since the beginning," said (Lori Anne) Carr. "We are committed to their growth just as they are committed to the growth of our company."

Southern Roots is chaired by Southeast Produce Council board member and Food Lion category manager Teri Miller. A strong advocate for women in the industry, Miller is excited to play a part in helping them achieve success.

"My hope is to arm women with the right tools as they navigate the industry," said Miller, who has been in the industry for over 27 years. "Southern Roots was born out of a vision to make the journey easier for women at any stage and we are thankful for companies like Titan Farms who see the value of helping women further their careers."

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Based in Ridge Spring, South Carolina, Titan Farms is the premier grower, packer and shipper of over 2.4 million boxes of fresh peaches, broccoli and bell peppers annually. Titan recognizes the importance of sustainable agriculture practices, and uses them to benefit America's consumers and to protect our country's precious natural resources.


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