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Titan Farms Upgrades Peach Packing Facility and Equipment

BY: Jen Velasquez | DATE: January 27, 2015

Titan Farms Upgrades Peach Packing Facility and Equipment

RIDGE SPRING, S.C.- January 27, 2015 -Titan Farms, the premier grower, packer and shipper of peaches and vegetables in the Southeast, announced today a complete upgrade and expansion to their packing facility including the installation of a state of the art packing line.

In a continued commitment to growing the peach category, this innovative upgrade will take Titan Farms' quality operations to the next level. Along with increasing overall productivity, the enhancements to the facility and new packing equipment will allow them to stand out in a few key areas:

  • Quality: Improved fruit handling and greater accuracy in color sorting
  • Traceability: Offering retailers complete traceability unsurpassed in the peach industry
  • Food Safety: Improved cleanup of equipment and automatic bin washing after every use
  • Sustainability: Increased energy efficiency leading to a smaller overall carbon footprint

"These are exciting times at Titan Farms," said Chalmers Carr, president of Titan Farms. "We are fully committed to providing our customers with the highest quality peaches grown in the Southeast.  This investment in our facility and operations demonstrates our dedication to do just that."

The full expansion is expected to be completed by mid-May 2015.

About Titan Farms

Based in Ridge Spring, South Carolina, Titan Farms is the premier grower, packer and shipper of over 2.4 million boxes of fresh peaches, broccoli and bell peppers annually. Titan recognizes the importance of sustainable agriculture practices, and uses them to benefit America's consumers and to protect our country's precious natural resources.

The team at Titan Farms has an extraordinary commitment to providing only the safest, highest-quality produce for their customers.

Titan Farms brings modern farming and old fashion values together to put the highest-quality fruits and vegetables on your table. 

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