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Titan Farms Rolls Out In-House Sales Team: Hires Vice President, Sales & Marketing

BY: Jen Velasquez | DATE: January 06, 2015

Titan Farms Rolls Out In-House Sales Team: Hires Vice President, Sales & Marketing

RIDGE SPRING, S.C.- January 6, 2015 -Titan Farms, the premier grower, packer and shipper of peaches and vegetables in the Southeast, announced today it is bringing sales in house with its hiring of Daryl Johnston, their new vice president of sales and marketing effective January 5, 2015.

"For some time, the management team at Titan Farms has been working toward becoming a fully vertically integrated company that will handle all aspects of our business in-house, from farming to packing to sales," said Chalmers Carr, president of Titan farms. "Fulfilling this sales and marketing position will allow us to be closer to our customers."

The new sales team will operate under the name Titan Farms Sales. In his new position, Johnston will not only oversee the management of the sales department but will also be responsible for business development, as well as developing and managing the annual marketing strategy. Additionally, he will develop and maintain seasonal retail programs and maintain existing relationships while acquiring new accounts throughout the year.

"Daryl embodies the qualities we were seeking that are consistent with our premium quality reputation.  We are excited to provide a higher level of service to our customers with him on our team," said Carr.

Johnston's background includes positions at Dole and B&W Quality Growers. Most recently, he was vice president of sales and marketing at Southern Specialties in Pompano Beach, Fla., where he reorganized and directed their sales team and established new processes and controls for procurement and sales departments. He also served as a consultant to Pure Fresh, LLC, where he assisted in their reorganization and business development.

"I look forward to bringing my expertise to the team at Titan Farms," said Johnston. "They are a well-respected company in the industry and I know that together we will reach the next level of excellence."

About Titan Farms

Based in Ridge Spring, South Carolina, Titan Farms is the premier grower, packer and shipper of over 2.4 million boxes of fresh peaches, broccoli and bell peppers annually. Titan recognizes the importance of sustainable agriculture practices, and uses them to benefit America's consumers and to protect our country's precious natural resources.

The team at Titan Farms has an extraordinary commitment to providing only the safest, highest-quality produce for their customers.

Titan Farms brings modern farming and old fashion values together to put the highest-quality fruits and vegetables on your table. 

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