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LoBue Citrus Super Nova Mandarin Featured in the Los Angeles Times

BY: Naba Bakar | DATE: January 25, 2017

LINDSAY, Calif.; January 25, 2017 -LoBue Citrus' Super Nova mandarin orange, a new variety with a rich balance of sweet and acid flavoring, was featured in the Los Angeles Times earlier this month announcing its first season of commercial availability. Super Nova mandarin oranges are seedless with tantalizing aromatics that will make them proven winners at retail.   

Named after the deep blazing orange color of its flesh, creating the Super Nova signature name was not difficult for General Manager of LoBue Farms, Robert LoBue. The brand name Super Nova will be trademarked by LoBue, resulting in other growers of the fruit creating their own brand names. 

What makes the Super Nova as interesting as its name is its breeding history. Originally crossed and grown by an Orlando-based breeder for the USDA, the hybrid variety produced no fruit. Hoping a change in climate and soil would produce results, the breeder sent budwood to California where the trees did indeed bear fruit.

"This is a fantastic mandarin," states Joe LoBue, vice president of sales at Lobue Citrus. "Its flavor profile and stunning dark color will make this fruit jump off the shelf."

LoBue Citrus Super Novas will be available from December into February. For more information, please visit  


About LoBue Citrus

Founded in 1934, LoBue Citrus is a fourth-generation full-service grower, packer, and shipper of California and import citrus. We contract with growers to harvest, grade, package, and/or market a wide variety of citrus products-including navel oranges, super nova mandarins, moro blood oranges, lemons, minneolas, cara cara's and grapefruits. Vertically integrated, LoBue has direct experience in every aspect of the supply chain, enabling it to offer products of unparalleled flavor, quality and value.

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