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“Colonel of Corn” Kicks Off Amaize Season

BY: Ashley Pierce | DATE: July 07, 2016

CALDWELL, I.D. - July 7, 2016 -George Crookham, the "Colonel of Corn," traveled around the Minneapolis, Minn., market June 24 and 25 for a summer kick-off of Amaize sweet corn to educate consumers on "the best sweet corn you'll ever eat." He appeared on three Minneapolis news stations including KARE 11, Fox 9 and WCCO to demonstrate how to properly cook corn and educate fans on his 22-year journey that lead to the discovery of this rare, white variety with a distinct pop and crunch. Crookham also attended a store opening in Lakeville, Minn. to demonstrate his quick and easy corn cooking methods, distribute samples and interact with consumers. 

Crookham, CEO of Crookham Company, and Bruce Hobdey, president of Crookham Company, discovered Amaize in 1989. The pair began working on perfecting the taste and texture of Amaize after experiencing the signature pop and crunch that differentiates this variety from the textures of other corns that tend to get mushy when cooked. Crookham and Hobdey perfected the variety using traditional breeding methods, and after 22 years and over 10,000 variations tested, they introduced Amaize to the public in 2011 to an enthusiastic consumer response. 

"Amaize is my life's work," says Crookham. "I have been all around the world and tasted many different types of corn and I can honestly tell you Amaize is hands-down the best sweet corn ever. I really enjoyed the opportunity to educate fans on my journey to discovering this 'Amaizeing' corn and demonstrating how to properly cook Amaize." 

As Amaize begins its sixth season of market availability, the variety sees increased demand and significant retail growth. Consumers responded strongly to Amaize last season and participating retailers saw category growth with this sweet corn variety. An extensive marketing program supports Amaize including point of sale materials, public relations, blogger partnerships and a social media strategy.  

Amaize Sweet Corn will be available for a limited time now through September. George will make several more appearances throughout the United States during the "Amaize Tour." For more information, visit 


About Crookham Company Sweet Corn Breeders

Crookham is a premier and innovative breeding company based along the Snake River in Idaho with a longstanding reputation of excellence. This breeder is a multi-generational business that has been thriving since its inception in 1911. Over 100 years later, Crookham continues to be the leader in sweet corn, corn, onions and popcorn, and is the oldest and largest sweet corn breeder within the United States.

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