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Tozer Seeds America Prepares For A Successful Celery Growing Season

BY: Paj Ann Herr | DATE: June 01, 2015

Santa Maria, Calif.; June 1, 2015- Tozer Seeds America (Tozer), pioneer of the first F1 celery hybrid which offers earlier maturity and better weight, prepares for the North American celery growing season as this vegetable experiences newfound popularity.

Tozer Seeds America is seeing a food trend for celery span across the U.S. into Canada.  A recent article from asks, "Is celery the new kale?" noting celery's rising popularity among chefs everywhere.  Because all parts of celery are edible, celery is being fully used for its leaves, stalk and root.  Celery is also being served in unconventional ways in salads, soups and even desserts.  The Calgary Herald attributes celery's popularity to its flexible usage, ability to bring a brightness to the plate and cost effectiveness.

Tozer led the development of the world's first commercial hybrid celery with the release of Victoria in the 1980s.  This celery is earlier with maturity allowing for it to be quicker to harvest and has better weight.  Since then, Tozer has maintained its status as the world leader in the development of new celery varieties breeding for yield, resistance to bolting, field holding ability, disease resistance and good flavor. 

"Our F1 celery hybrids introduced new and improved varieties for a range of worldwide markets," said Kraig Kuykendall, sales manager of Tozer Seeds America.  "Our breeding program is very closely linked to the needs of the various international end-market requirements and we have varieties tailored to production and market preference around the world."

Tozer continues to develop new celery hybrids and recently introduced a new hybrid called Hadrian (TZ 9077) in the U.S.  This celery variety offers smooth parallel sides and petioles with good color and is less prone to producing side shoots.  Growers interested in Tozer's celery varieties can learn more here.

About Tozer Seeds America

Tozer Seeds America is the U.S. branch of Tozer Seeds, the largest independent and family-owned vegetable breeding company in the U.K.  Tozer Seeds specializes in breeding, production and distribution of quality vegetable seed and is behind the brand new kale and brussels sprouts hybrid vegetable Kalettes.  Tozer Seeds America opened in 2008 and is located in Santa Maria, California.

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