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Opal® Apple Cider Now Available

BY: Paj Ann Herr | DATE: March 26, 2015

Hood River, Ore. - March 26, 2015- The sweet and crispy Opal apple is now available as a cider exclusively from Ryan's Juice, a 30+ year-old family-owned and operated juice company. 

"Opal is a fantastic apple to use in a cider because of its wonderful flavor," says David Ryan, owner of Ryan's Juice.  "The popularity of Opal apples is sure to create awareness of what constitutes a true artisan cider."

Opal apple cider is pressed and blended with Opal apples and just the right combination of other Northwest varieties.  It is available for retail to purchase during the spring, fall and winter seasons.  This season, Opal apple cider is available now through May or until supplies last. The program is being supported with demos and signage at retail.  The first-year projection of Opal apple cider is 40,000 units, but that projection will likely be surpassed based on the strong launch.

Opal apples are grown in Washington by Broetje Orchards with FirstFruits Marketing of Washington handling the fresh sector and Ryan's Juice handling the processed sector, which includes Opal apple cider. This cross between Topaz and Golden Delicious stands out on the shelf with its lovely yellow color and great taste.  Sweet to start with a tart finish, Opal has a satisfying amount of crunch in each bite. And to the delight of consumers, Opal is non-GMO and naturally resists browning after slicing.  Opal apple cider made its debut last November and quantities are expected to run through May this season.

About Opal Apple

Opal®apple is known as the apple with a purpose. Grown only in Washington, this Golden Delicious-Topaz cross apple variety was introduced by FirstFruits Marketing in 2010 to wide consumer and media acclaim. Its distinctive color, flavor and texture are not the only qualities that make this product unique: Opal apple was created to make a difference in communities across the nation. Every year, FirstFruits Marketing donates a percentage of sales of every case of apples to worthy organizations that address issues such as hunger, food safety, sustainability and the environment.  UEB 32642 variety apples are grown exclusively by Broetje Orchards and distributed under the OPAL® brand name by First Fruits Marketing in North America.

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