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Hugh Branch Rebrands with New Name and Logo

BY: Jen Velasquez | DATE: May 27, 2015

The company formerly known as Hugh H. Branch, Inc. announces a new trade-facing name, Branch: A Family of Farms and its shortened version, Branch.

The South Bay, Fla. based company makes this change in an effort to be more encompassing of its long-withstanding network of famers and tell their rich history. The company wishes to not just call out its founder, Hugh Branch, but also all the farmers that have made up this operation from the beginning.

Many of the Branch farmers have been growing quality produce for over 50 years, with most averaging 25 years of service. It is this family of farms that Branch Farms considers the core of their success. 

"As we grow, we want to reposition our company and brand by putting our farmers at the center of everything we do," said Brett Bergmann, president of Branch. "Our new logo says it all 'Branch: A Family of Farms.' We are much more than just one person, we are a family of farmers who all share the common purpose of providing customers with the highest quality vegetables possible." 

It is this rich tradition of family farms that allows Branch to live by their founding principles of integrity, quality, service and a commitment to the industry and the sustainability of the environment since 1957.

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