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New Organic Greens Blends Now Available From St. Paul Aquaponics Pioneer Urban Organics

BY: Marcela Fabbri | DATE: June 10, 2017

ST. PAUL, Minn.-May 10, 2017- Urban Organics, St. Paul, Minn.-based aquaponics pioneers and farming innovators, is introducing nine new blends of its Midwest-grown organic greens. These new blends extend the availability of Urban Organics produce, already popular with local Twin Cities chefs and shoppers across the upper Midwest. The healthy, low-carbon-footprint, hyperlocal organic produce will be introduced in stores across Minnesota by May 2017.

The new blends, sold in 5 oz. recyclable post-consumer plastic clamshells, include: 

· Twin Kales: green kale, red kale; 

· Umami Blend: kale, arugula, bok choy; 

· (Finally) Spring Mix: arugula, green chard, green romaine, kale, green leaf, red romaine, red leaf, bok choy; 

· Just Romaine: green romaine; 

· Classic Duo: green romaine, red romaine; 

· Patio Mix: green leaf, red leaf, arugula, green chard; 

· Rosé Blend: red Kale, red Leaf, red romaine; 

· River City Mix: green romaine, red romaine, green chard; 

· Just Arugula: Arugula 

"We're proud to expand our greens offerings thanks to the tremendous positive response to our first urban farm launch three years ago," says Kristen Haider, co-founder of Urban Organics. "Our new blends offer something for every palate." 

 Urban Organics first launched in 2014 in East St. Paul's historic Hamm's Brewery building and will soon begin production in a second location in the historic Schmidt Brewery redevelopment. 

"By raising fresh arctic fish and vibrant produce in the heart of the city, our aquaponics operations create a new way to connect urban consumers with nutritious, great-tasting food," says Haider. "People love a clear line to the food they consume-knowing it was produced locally, with limited water use and no pesticides. And they love the flavor and texture of fresh greens harvested in Minnesota, even in the dead of winter. " 

Urban Organics farms fish and produce using aquaponics, a closed-loop system that combines aquaculture (raising fish indoors in tanks) and hydroponics (growing plants without soil). This technology uses only 2 percent of the water consumed by traditional agriculture, as water from the fish tanks is used to fertilize the plants. That fertilization in turn filters the water so it can be returned to the fish tanks. Urban Organics is fully certified by the USDA as an organic farm and uses an integrated pest management system to secure the growing environment. 

The company is partnered with global water system designer Pentair whose expertise allows Urban Organics to increase its scale and fulfill the promise of a business highlighted by The Guardian as one of the most innovative urban farm projects in the world. The 87,000-square-foot Schmidt farm will provide 275,000 pounds of fresh fish and 475,000 pounds of organically grown produce annually. 

About Urban Organics Urban Organics is focused on fixing a broken food system by providing hyperlocal, sustainable, year-round fish and USDA certified greens in urban environments. Founded in St. Paul's historic Hamm's brewery, and now expanding to the historic St. Paul Schmidt Brewery, Urban Organics has been featured in numerous national media outlets and has been highlighted by The Guardian as one of the most innovative urban farm projects in the world. To learn more, visit

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