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Amaize™ Sweet Corn Presents Retailer of the Year Award to Lunds & Byerlys

BY: Paj Ann Herr | DATE: October 15, 2015

CALDWELL, ID (October 15, 2015) - Lunds & Byerlys has been honored with the Amaize™ Sweet Corn Retailer of the Year Award for its comprehensive program support and outstanding dedication to the rare white sweet corn known for its incredible sweetness and crunch.

Lunds & Byerlys was the first retailer to carry Amaize launching the item in 2011. Since its introduction, Lunds & Byerlys has developed fervent consumer demand for Amaize through its amazing program support and dedication. This year, Lunds & Byerlys' promotions included point-of-sale signage, electronic newsletters, blog posts, social media posts, retail magazine mention and a featured class at its cooking school.

"We're a proud partner of Amaize Sweet Corn and are so honored to accept this award," says Rick Steigerwald, vice president of fresh foods at Lunds & Byerlys. "We've had people asking for Amaize by name six weeks before the season even starts. I've never seen demand quite like this in all my years in produce."

"Rick and his team have done an outstanding job making Amaize special for their customers," says George Crookham, CEO of Crookham Company. "It's the best variety of sweet corn we have ever bred. We are so pleased to be working with Lunds & Byerlys."

Amaize was discovered in 1989 by breeders George Crookham and Bruce Hobdey of Crookham Company. The pair began working on perfecting the taste and texture of Amaize after experiencing a type of corn with a pop and crunch that differentiated itself from the textures of other corns. After 22 years and 10,000 variations of testing, Amaize was created through non-GMO breeding methods. Amaize Sweet Corn is available at select retailers only during the summer months. For more information, visit

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