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Branch: a Family of Farms Talks Sweet Emotion and Leaf Program

BY: Jen Velasquez | DATE: October 03, 2016

Branch: a Family of Farms Debuts Newest Sweet Corn Varietal: Sweet Emotion

South Bay, Fla. October 3, 2016- As Branch, a Family of Farms, celebrates its 60th anniversary, it also celebrates the success of its new sweet corn variety, Sweet Emotion. At the same time, the company looks forward to growing its leaf lettuce program into 2017.

So named for the feeling consumers will get once they bite into it, Sweet Emotion is a deliciously sweet corn that will keep corn lovers coming back for more. Available from early November through June, Sweet Emotion's appealing flavor is steadily superior to other sweet corns in the market.

Sweet Emotion had a limited market roll out in 2016, with presence in the Midwest. Going forward, retailers who join the Sweet Emotion program receive exclusivity in their respective markets. All participating retailers also gain access to marketing support, including point of sale materials and social marketing content.

After several years of working along with seed breeders and their grower partners, the team at Branch Farms determined which varieties performed best in terms of taste, quality and shelf life. And with a season that extends past the traditional months, Sweet Emotion brings that "summer corn" experience to consumers during the winter months as well.

"Even though it was a limited launch, we are very pleased with the results we saw from Sweet Emotion this year and are excited to offer it to more retailers for its second year," says Brett Bergmann, president of Branch.  "Quality has always been of the utmost importance to our family of farmers and it was no different here as they carefully selected varieties for this program."

Corn is not the only item growing at Branch: the company also announces the expansion of their leaf program as it heads into its season starting this month through May.

"Florida leaf varieties now rival western varieties. Our growers conduct extensive trials each year to select the best varieties for Florida and ones that offer the consumer delicious and nutritious lettuces," said Bergmann.  "And we have a better carbon footprint because we are only one-to-two days from major markets - offering our customers a fresher alternative."

Offerings range from green and red leaf to Bibb and Boston to escarole, all coming out of more than 1,000 acres in Palm Beach County. Items in the leaf program are available in 12, 18, 24, 30 and 60ct cartons, 18 and 24ct in wood crates and RPCs.

For more information, visit Branch at this year's PMA Fresh Summit, booth #1719 or find them online at


About Branch
Since 1956, our founding principles still drive us at Branch: integrity, quality, service, a commitment to our industry and the sustainability of our environment. As a family owned and operated business, we are a premier grower, packer, shipper of sweet corn in the United States also offering our customers green beans, leafy greens, radishes and celery.

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