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CarbAmericas: Positive Outlook on Peruvian Asparagus

BY: Jen Velasquez | DATE: October 03, 2016

Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., October 3, 2016 - As the produce industry heads into PMA Fresh Summit, CarbAmericas, the premier importer of fresh fruits and vegetables, transitions into Peruvian asparagus-a priority for the company between now and mid-January 2017.

CarbAmericas has been a part of the Peruvian asparagus industry since the company's inception, as they were one of the first to import from the South American country into the US. One of the differentiating factors for CarbAmericas' program is the close-knit relationships and strategic alliances they have with their 15 growers who represent around 8,000 hectares in Peru. Additionally, CarbAmericas owns land it plans to develop for farming in the coming years to better serve their customers.

Year to date, Peru's asparagus industry as a whole is down by roughly 300,000 cases in 2016 versus 2015. However, several growers with which CarbAmericas is aligned have increased the size of their programs. This means the company's production will be very similar-if not higher-than 2015.

"CarbAmericas expects to grow and ship around one million cases this season" said Jeff Friedman, president of CarbAmericas. "Many farms started harvesting in late September and will have continuous supply through December. Asparagus continues to be a main focus of our business and our experience of more than 20 years allows us to deliver a lot of value to our customers."

CarbAmericas year-round asparagus program offers green, white and purple asparagus in 11-pound and 28-pound cases as well as tips sourced from Mexico and Peru. They will showcase the versatility and cross-promotional potential at retail of their items through the presentation of various signature asparagus, broccoli and mango recipes at this year's PMA Fresh Summit (Booth #1991). 


About CarbAmericas

CarbAmericas was established in 1993 and is a vertically integrated, year-round supplier and importer of fruits and vegetables. Specializing in asparagus, broccoli, mangos, snow and sugar snap peas, CarbAmericas services both retail and foodservice in the U.S., Europe, Asia and South America.  With team members working alongside their growers across the Americas, CarbAmericas truly stands behind its commitment to reliably execute for their growers and customers while exuding passion and integrity.

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