Heritage Reserve Navel Oranges

Client: LoBue Citrus (Lindsay, California)
GSM Role: Branding | Business Development | Marketing Strategies | Merchandising | Naming | Packaging

In late 2009, mandarins and other "easy peel" citrus varieties were cutting into the market share of navel oranges. Some growers ripped out old navel orchards to ride the wave. After an in-depth review of LoBue Citrus' product mix and customer base, GSM worked with LoBue to create a navel orange brand that meets consumer demand for authentic flavor, while showcasing a rare set of groves the family had farmed for over 70 years.

The name Heritage Reserve Navel Oranges was chosen to reflect both the age of the trees (50-112 years old) and the family's deep roots in California's citrus industry. The marketing program also emphasizes sustainability and land conservation.

GSM identified the opportunity, built the brand and developed marketing and customer acquisition strategies as well as identified and helped share the story with prospective customers. Additionally, GSM implemented a consumer marketing strategy, including public relations and social media.

Our ongoing work with LoBue is yielding triple wins: retailers are enjoying category sales growth; farmers are earning new customers and higher returns; and consumers are enthusiastic fans of Heritage Reserve Navel Oranges, as this example of unsolicited feedback illustrates:

"I am a native of Riverside, California, and grew up eating the oranges from my grandfather's grove. My husband and I owned a 100-year-old home that had a Washington Navel in the yard. So I know what a REAL orange tastes like. When we relocated to Missouri, I thought I would never again taste the unique flavor of this wonderful fruit. You can imagine my surprise and pleasure at finding Heritage Reserve Navel Oranges in my local market. Thank you for the taste of the sunshine from my childhood…" Susan B. (via Facebook)


Client Feedback

"We've achieved a lot working with Golden Sun Marketing over the past few seasons. Don and his team have helped us with strategic planning as well as the development and execution of detailed marketing programs from start to finish, including our highly successful Heritage Reserve Navel Orange program. Don enhanced our understanding of how to leverage that program to establish new business, and our distribution has expanded because of connections established, or re-established, due to Don's industry experience."

Joe LoBue, vice president of export marketing, LoBue Citrus
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