Client: Tozer Seeds America (Santa Maria, California)
GSM Role: Branding | Business Development | Marketing Strategies | Merchandising | Naming | Packaging | Pricing | Social Strategy | Media Relations | Engagement

In 2014, a brand new vegetable named Kalettes™ crossed the pond from the U.K. to the U.S.  Kalettes are the product of over 15 years of research by Tozer Seeds and is a non-GMO hybrid of kale and brussels sprouts.  As the first new vegetable in over a decade, GSM developed a comprehensive plan and launched Kalettes into mainstream America.

The name Kalettes was chosen to emphasize the vegetable's petite size as well as its kale parentage.  Because kale is trendier in the U.S. than it is in the U.K., GSM changed the name to Kalettes (from Flower Sprouts in the U.K.) to appeal more to U.S. interest in kale's health benefits.

GSM led the launch of Kalettes and managed all aspects of it from building the brand to identifying the six U.S. partners to implementing the go-to-market and rollout strategies.  GSM also executed integrative marketing and public relations campaigns for consumer and trade.

The results of GSM's work with Kalettes have created consistent branding and successfully raised awareness among consumer and trade media.  GSM's public relations efforts garnered over 125 million media impressions for Kalettes and landed Kalettes on numerous 2015 food trend lists.  Today, awareness for Kalettes continues to increase as America discovers this brand new vegetable.

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