"Golden Sun Marketing reaches far and wide across the produce industry with connections and relationships that are invaluable to a company like FirstFruits Marketing. They provide insight and knowledge into current industry trends and help us leverage that information to create opportunities within our own business model. Not only did Golden Sun Marketing take the time to understand our culture and mission, they brought it to life with our high-impact 'Take a Bite Out of Hunger' program where we were able to build stronger relationships with our customers while working toward our mission of helping the underserved."

Andy Tudor, Marketing Manager
FirstFruits Marketing of Washington

"We've achieved a lot working with Golden Sun Marketing over the past few seasons. Don and his team have helped us with strategic planning as well as the development and execution of detailed marketing programs from start to finish, including our highly successful Heritage Reserve Navel Orange program. Don enhanced our understanding of how to leverage that program to establish new business, and our distribution has expanded because of connections established, or re-established, due to Don's industry experience."

Joe LoBue, Vice President of Export Marketing
LoBue Citrus

"Rouses Markets was introduced to Golden Sun Marketing in the spring of 2011, when GSM assisted Rouses in developing a marketing strategy for promoting and selling both unique and exclusive fresh produce commodities in our stores. The support we have received from GSM on every project we have worked on has been incredible; the success of our combined planned promotions has been very satisfying. From in-store signage, social and print media, and even personal appearances from growers in our stores, the entire package has been a win-win. Additionally, the new relationships we have developed with shippers have allowed our company to maintain a level of differentiation from our competitors."

Joe Watson, Director of Produce
Rouses Supermarkets

"I had numerous shippers come up to me afterwards and tell me how much they enjoyed this talk, and just how relevant it was. Don's experience brought a very real perspective to the overall produce arena and to potatoes specifically. Our industry typically says 'I have great potatoes and I can get them to you on time and at a good price," rather than a story that will get them past a supplier relationship. While we have said it to the industry, hearing from Don now made it a real and believable proposition."

R. Mac Johnson, VP Marketing
United States Potato Board

"Don is an articulate spokesperson with key relationships. His extensive experience in meeting the needs of grocery retailers allows him to identify appropriate new seed varieties for growers to produce while developing marketing avenues for retail that meet consumer expectations for food quality and unique attributes. Don is to be respected for his revolutionary food marketing concepts and programs which interest seed companies, growers, shippers, retailers and consumers."

Don Wertman

"The professional development programs we offer at Purdue University are attended by upper level managers and executives who have high expectations of speakers and instructors. Don Goodwin delivers his message in an articulate way and brings insight to many topics including brand management, joint venture agreements, and food distribution systems. He stimulates the thinking of participants and sets the stage for meaningful discussion. I highly recommend Don."

Betty S. Jones-Bliss, Interim Director
Center for Food & Agricultural Business Purdue University
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